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Focus Weight Loss Club

What to Expect

Initial Visit
This program begins with a medical evaluation by one of our nurse practitioners (NP) or physician. The evaluation includes a confidential weigh in and a body mass index (BMI) analysis. The evaluation also includes a detailed medical history, physical exam, and blood work (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH), T4, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP), and Hemoglobin A1C). The NP or physician will discuss a FOCUSED recommended weight loss program. In addition to prescribed medications, administration of a fat burner with energy intramuscular injection will be given, along with recommendations for a diet and exercise plan.

Follow-up Visits
At each visit you will have a confidential weigh in, quick and thorough physical exam, and FOCUSED confidential discussion regarding your program progress. Topics of the discussion will include but are not  limited to: all aspects of the program including efficacy of prescribed medication, diet and exercise, and compliance and/or challenges. At each follow-up visit you will be educated and given the necessary tools to help you continue on your journey to achieve your desired weight loss goal.

Maintenance Visits
We understand that challenges associated with maintaining your goal weight. Focus Weight Loss Club will continue to see our patients on an “As Needed” basis once your FOCUSED program has been completed.

IV therapy will provide assistance with hydration, hang-overs, weight loss, hair skin and nails, and flu-like symptoms.